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Randy S. Jones – oops paint on found styrofoam molds – 2019


Randy S. Jones – oops paint on found styrofoam molds – 2019














Randy S. Jones at Esopus Space NYC

Check out Randy S. Jones Portfolio page here

April 2018

Hello friends and neighbors:
As a handful of you know I have been helping Randy S. Jones share his art.  I started documenting him in 2017 by photographing his work and listening to his stories of being a lawyer and an artist. I have just published a piece on him in Esopus Issue 25, a New York-based art publication.

David Naugle
From Esopus 25:

For more than three decades, retired attorney Randy S. Jones has been diligently at work in the confines of his house in Decatur, Georgia, on hundreds of boldly rendered abstract paintings that virtually no one has ever seen. Jones happens to live down the street from David Naugle, who, when he was living in Upstate New York more than a decade ago, introduced us to the stunning photographs of his neighbor Mark Hogancamp, which we published in Esopus 5. Naugle interviewed Jones—and photographed many of his artworks—for a piece in Esopus 25.

This exhibition of a series of Jones’s abstract paintings and collages—many featured in this issue—will take place at the Esopus Space Pop-Up (64 West Third Street, #210, NYC) from May 9 to June 2. It will represent not only a New York debut for Jones but will be the first-ever public exhibition of this undiscovered artist’s work.

There will be an opening reception on Wednesday, May 9, from 6 to 8 p.m., which will also serve as a launch party for Esopus 25.

More info on the gallery Here |

Check out Randy S. Jones Portfolio page here

Some press:

Check out Randy S. Jones Portfolio page here

Emory University Hospital Motor Court Sculpture

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Friday 1758 compilation







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Mabel Sharp and her 732 bell Carillon

The daily concert from our 732-bell Carillon is one of the true joys of Stone Mountain Park. The Carillon was donated by our friends at Coca-Cola after being exhibited in the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City. The Park’s carillon has been played by Mabel Sharp for over 30 years.




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